Recipe -> Tofu Kabob
Preparation Time: Min Cooking Time: Min
Nature Soy extra firm tofu, diced to 3/4 - 1", or pre-diced Tof-Deli
Tof-Deli is fully flavored so no marinading is required
If using extra firm tofu, season diced tofu with salt, pepper and bell pepper, green, yellow, or red, diced to about 1" square
Onion, red, yellow, or white, diced to about 1" square
Vegetable oil
Toss vegetable, pepper, onion with vegetable oil in a large bowl.
Use 1 tsp oil per cup of mix.
Arrange and put on a skewer.
Set gas grill to high and heat it to hot.
Grill kabob for 1 - 2 minutes. Turn occassionally to prevent burnt