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why use sauce?
taste is the key to the success of your products! without good taste, it does not matter how good and how healthy your products are. our sauce is the key to make your products healthy, convenient and delicious.
why use nature soy's instant sauce?
nature soy's instant flavor sauces have many advantages compared to the conventional paste products:

high quality: our product quality is equal or better than similar paste products. it contains no preservatives.

easy to use: no special training is needed. just mix with cold water. it takes just minutes to prepare. no cooking, no mess! no totes or drums to wash or return!

easy to handle: no refrigeration is needed to store the products.

cost saving: nature soy's instant sauces provide you many savings, including our competitive pricing, your lower labor cost for preparation, a lower failed batch rate, and your lower shipping and storage cost.

are you concerned about your product's lack of character? there is no worry with nature soy's instant sauce. we customize almost everything for our customers, from flavor profiles, physical properties, to package sizes. you and your workers will have less to worry about and less opportunities to make a costly error.

please contact us for more information.
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