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rice noodles and rice noodle rolls are popular foods in cantonese cuisine. among chinese restaurants that offer dim sum, you will have a difficult time finding one without these items on their menu. rice noodle rolls are normally eaten fresh, with sauce. rice noodles are perfect for soup or stir-fry. in canton, china, there are many small restaurants along the busy business street that offer only rice noodles.

the authentic rice noodles are made with a process that originated in sha ho, canton, china, from which the name "sha ho fen" (sand river noodle) is derived. although there have been many modifications throughout the years by people all around the world, consumers continue to recognize noodles that are made with a traditional process using natural ingredients: water and high quality rice. no "high tech" ingredients are used to modify the noodle's texture or to prolong shelf life.

making high quality rice noodle products is like making high quality, specialty cheeses - it is more of an art than a science. at nature soy, inc., we go the extra mile to perfecting this art, maintaining the quality of our rice noodle products from the first step of selecting the best rice. we learn from our peers by visiting the premium quality rice noodle manufacturing facilities in china, and draw from many years of rice noodle making experience using traditional processes.

rice noodle : plain rice noodle rolls shrimp rice noodle rolls
package size: 16 oz 12 oz
case quantity: 36 30
case weight (lbs): 38 30
case dimension: 11-1/4"x15-1/2"x8-1/4" 12-1/2" x 21" x 8"
case pallet : 50 42
storage : refrigerated refrigerated
shelf life: 10 days at manufacture 10 days at manufacture
upc code: 7-16048-06616-7 7-16048-02701-4