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Plant Based Living

What is Plant Based Lifestyle?

It is a lifestyle that revolves around High Carb Low fat vegan meals that will not only help you achieve physical changes but it will improve quality of your life entirely. We are going to discuss further on Plant based meals and plans. This article will conclude every aspect of plant based diet for beginners, or you may say that this is the complete idiot’s guide to plant-based nutrition which will help you to start a life that is healthier, and Eco friendly. Studies show that Plant based foods prevents high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancers. you certainly don’t need worry about the taste as well because we will also discuss yummy plant based lifestyle recipes.


Soy products are heart healthy alternative to dairy, they are low in saturated fat and cholesterol 1-3. Plus soy protein is the only plant protein that contains all the essential amino acids needed for human growth and body maintenance. Soy foods also are a good source of fiber, b vitamins, and calcium 4


We are dedicated to sourcing simple, non-GMO ingredients. Our soy-based products provide high-quality protein inn every bite, enjoying nutritious and great tasting food has never been simpler


Veggie food is good for the planet. Because all nature’s soy products are made from plants, they require less water and produce less CO 2 than livestock. Soyfoods have proven to be a more favorable and environmentally sustainable source of protein. You can help conserve energy, land and water by enjoying Nature’s soy foods

There are many reasons for which one may opt for plant based living, whether you are here because you have chronic diseases, obesity or you just want to save the planet, we assure you that you have made a great choice.

Prepare yourself with these key points:

To be able to adapt something, it is important that we first accept it mentally or at least derive a conclusion that is acceptable to our nature as a human being, many people would find it hard to change their eating habits just because they can’t eat something but there are two sides of the coin, you should focus on the things you can eat. We should also focus on the benefits of plant based living, it not only prevents diseases but it also gives you a lean functioning body, and prevents hormonal imbalance.

Plant based diet shopping list

Let us list down as many plant based foods ingredients that you will need to start right away, through this you can have a better idea of what you will be eating, it will also help you identify simple plant based menu or what ingredients plant based recipes will include.

We will break down the list with respect to nutrients.

  • For Proteins
    1. Tofu
    2. Edamame
  • Carbohydrates
    1. Barley
    2. Millet
    3. Rice
  • Vegies
    1. Broccoli
    2. Cauliflower
    3. Onions
  • Fruits
    1. Strawberries
    2. Mango
  • Plant Based Oil
    1. Coconut oil
    2. Olive oil
    3. Sesame oil
  • Sugar
    1. Raw cane sugar
    2. Dates
    3. Palm sugar
  • Spices
    1. Chili powder
    2. Cinnamon
    3. Cumin
  • Drinks
    1. Almond milk
    2. Cashew milk
    3. Coconut milk

Plant based diet meal plan for beginners

As we usually take three meals in a day we are going to break it down in three sections.

Plant based recipes for breakfast and lunch

You can start your day with fruits and veggies. Keep that in mind that this is to be carried to your lunch, avoid cooked meals, raw food is recommended.

Plant based recipes for dinner

Dinner can be cooked meal, with this you can have a salad bowl. You can have potatoes, rice, root vegetables, soups, corn cake, etc.

Plant based diet vs Vegan

The difference is simple, Vegan and Plant based lifestyle are almost same, both avoid any animal based food products, but for vegans, they also don’t use any product derived from animals, like shoes, makeup, shampoo or clothes.

The plant based journey

Here is a video that will tell you how effective plant based diet is and how it has changed lives.

Popular plant based diet meal recipes

Here is a list of popular recipes

  • Tofu Greek Style Salads
  • Vegan Poke Bowl
  • Fried Sesame Tofu with Broccoli
  • Oriental Flavored Tofu (Teriyaki Style)
  • Easy Home-Style Tofu
  • Quick & Easy Soy Smoothie – Strawberry Banana

For more recipes Click

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tofu

Tofu Making dates back to 2000 years ago in China, and tofu has long been a competent in East Asian cuisine. It is a soft, cheese – like food made by curdling fresh, hot soymilk with a coagulant. Tofu is high in protein, and contains all the essential amino acid your body needs.

Why is tofu is packed in water? How to prepare Tofu?

Water helps keep tofu fresh and consistent, so that tofu can maintain its bulk and form.

Preparing Tofu is easy, simply slit the package and drain out the water, thenn slice or cube tofu as you like. Browse our recipe page for easy tofu recipe ideas!

Soy milk vs other non-dairy milk alternative

Soymilk is an excellent source of plant-based protein, it has a nutritional profile most similar to diary milk. Nature’s Soy unsweetened Soy Milk contains 7g protein per serving, while other non-dairy milk alternatives contain only 0-1g of protein per serving. Besides being higher in protein content, soy protein is also higher in protein quality. It is the only plant protein that contains all the essential amino acids

Nature’s Soy Unsweetened Soymilk Original* Almondmilk Original* Coconutmilk Original* Rice Drink
Protien per Serving 7g 1g 0g 1g
Nature’s Soy Unsweetened Soy milk Reduced Fat Dairy Milk**
Calories 80 120
Saturated Fat 1g 3g
Cholestrol 0mg 20mg
Sodium 10mg 115mg

Is tofu plant based?

Tofu is extracted from curdled soy beans milk, and it does not involve any animal based product which makes it 100% plant based. It is a good protein supplement.

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