about us

welcome to nature soy.
nature soy, inc., a major supplier of healthy soy and vegetarian products to the ethnic market, has been manufacturing fresh soy products since 1990. since then, it has established its brand name reputation among its consumers. the company has been featured by many types of media as a successful soy food manufacturer, including newspaper, tv, and radio.

located in philadelphia, nature soy, inc. is at a perfect location to serve the mid-atlantic region market. with strategic business alliances, nature soy's well-recognized brands of products (nature's soy and eastern sun) can be found in almost all major asian grocery stores, some mainstream supermarkets, and natural food stores in both the east coast and midwest markets (chicago and surrounding region), including all major metropolitan areas.

quality products depend on the company's core competency. among major soy product manufacturers, nature soy differentiates itself as the leader in research and development of new soy products. nature soy was the first manufacturer to develop a deli-style sliced tofu, and soy products containing algal dha (an omega-3 fatty acid).

with its new manufacturing facility, nature soy, inc. is equipped with the latest technology in fresh soy product manufacturing and packaging. strict quality control and sanitation procedures ensure that products on our customers' dinner plates are of the highest quality possible.

in addition to soy products, nature soy also supplies fresh rice pasta and ready-to-eat fresh rice pasta rolls under the "sunkee" brand name to restaurants and supermarkets, and custom formulated seasoning blends to food manufacturers.

while you're touring our website and learning more about our products, please contact us if you have any questions.